Leicester NUT Section of the
National Education Union

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Teachers

Leicester Black Teachers’ AGM

On Thursday the 12th July we managed to meet to discuss the appalling lack of representation of BME staff in the East Midlands, still only 3%.

Our guest speaker, Marcus Sheppard, was amazing. He talked about his journey as a BME head teacher.

Annual Black Teachers’ Conference

Our next event will be the Annual Black Teachers’ Conference in Bristol in November.

City of Leicester NUT will support your attendance at the conferences, subject to meeting the local application process. You can self fund a place to attend the conferences, but if you wish to be funded by the Leicester NUT, for the annual Black Teachers’ Conference, please contact Camille.

Please note that this year the local deadline for applying is 28th September 2018, although the national deadline for registration is in October.

The NEU uses the term 'Black' in a political context to encompass all members who self-identify as Black or Asian and all other minority ethnic groups who do not identify themselves as white.

Julie Walers-Nisbett
Julie Walters-Nisbett, Organiser of the Leicester NUT Black Teachers’ Network.

Camille London-Miyo
Camille London-Miyo, Leicester NUT Equal Opportunities Officer.