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28th August 2019

At the start of the school year

At the start of the school year every teacher should receive the following documents from their school:

Your salary statement — this should state where you are on the main salary this should state where you are on the main salaryscale, where you are on UPS, the value of any TLRs you may hold and your overall salary. If you don't receive incremental progression up the main pay scale or upper pay spine, we strongly urge you to appeal. A local officer or your school NEU rep can support you in this.

A teacher may appeal against any determination in relation to his/her pay, or any other decision taken by the Governing Body that affects his/her pay.

The grounds for appeal are that the person or committee by whom the decision was made:

a) incorrectly applied any provision of the identified document/pay policy;
b) failed to have proper regard for statutory guidance;
c) failed to take proper account of relevant evidence;
d) took account of irrelevant or inaccurate evidence;
e) was biased; or
f) otherwise unlawfully discriminated against the teacher.

A breakdown of your 1265 (directed time) hours — if you are working part time, you should receive a personal pro-rata breakdown.

The school calendar — this should include all meetings, training days, data collection dates, reports, parents' evenings, trips, sports days etc. These should not be altered without consultation and a reasonable period of notice.

Your timetable — your PPA should be identified clearly (not less than 10% of your timetabled teaching time). If your PPA is in the afternoon, check that it is an accurate reflection of PPA in your school.

School NEU Reps

Are you remaining as rep this academic year? If not, please ensure that a new rep is elected so that we can continue to send local information to a person in school. If you are the school rep, please recruit new members in your school. These could be NQTs, teachers new to the school or those training on the job i.e. SCITT, Teach First. Join the NEU online.

Finally, thank you for all your help and support over the past twelve months. Being NEU rep is not always easy, but it is a vital part of how the union operates. The grassroots membership and school reps are the life blood of the union.