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3rd September 2021

At the start of the academic year, every teacher should receive the following documents:

• Your salary statement - this should state where you are on which salary scale, the value of any TLRs you may hold, and your overall salary.
• A breakdown of your 1265 (directed time) hours. If you are working part time, you should receive a personal pro-rata breakdown.
• The school calendar - your PPA should be clearly identified (not less than 10% of your timetabled teaching time). If your PPA is in the afternoon, check that it is an accurate reflection of PPA in your school (some schools swap AM and PM PPA slots mid-way through the year).

Also, please note that because of the extra Bank Holiday this year, you will only work 194 days (189 with pupils) and your directed time should be adjusted accordingly.

Just started a new role?

Your employer must provide you with a written statement, on or before your start date, with the following information:

• names of employer and worker.
• date employment or engagement begins.
• any probationary period, including how long it lasts and any conditions that must be satisfied.
• pay scale and rates of pay, pay intervals, overtime and overtime pay (if any) and pay calculation methods.
• any other renumeration including payments in cash or kind.
• hours of work, including normal working hours and any terms as to normal working hours. The document must also state the day(s) of the week the worker is required to work, whether their hours or days may vary and if so, how and how this is decided.
• holiday entitlement and holiday pay, including public holidays, and rights to accrued holiday pay on termination.
• length of notice needed from both employer and worker and any terms about how notice must be given.
• job title or a brief description of duties.
• whether the employment is permanent or, if it's fixed term, the expected end date.
• place of work and employer's address. If the worker is required or permitted to work at various places, confirmation of this.
• If the worker is required to work outside the UK for over a month, arrangements for this.
• Any part of any training entitlement the employer requires the worker to complete.
• Any training the employer requires but will not pay for.

The following statutory particulars can be provided in separate documents, as long as they are reasonably accessible at work, such as in a staff handbook.

• Rules about sickness or injury absence and sick pay.
• Information about other kinds of paid leave, such as maternity/paternity.

Your employer must provide you with a written contract within two months of the start date. Along with this they must also provide:

• Details of any pension contributions or pension schemes.
• Details of any collective agreements that directly affect the contract terms.
• Details of any non-obligatory training entitlement.
• Details of disciplinary and grievance procedures, or information on where to find them.

If there are no terms relating to the above, this must be stated.

The right to a new statement is not restricted to new employees. Existing employees can also ask for a statement. Employers must comply with these requests within one month.

If contract terms change (e.g. because of a successful flexible working request), the employer must provide a revised written statement within one month of change.

The right to a written statement can be enforced in an employment tribunal.