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Kuldip Hoonjan, Leicester NEU learning rep, 22nd May 2019

Conference 2019: AGENDA

AGENDA: Supporting children and young people in making positive relationships matter

One of the enjoyable experiences of the Annual Conference 2019 was taking part in this hands-on creative CPD programme led by Jan Kauser.

AGENDA is a resource to support children and young people (age 7-18) to make positive relationships matter in their schools and community. Through activities and case studies, AGANDA invites you to explore creative approaches to a range of issues including feelings and emotions, friendships, gender norms in society, gender-based and sexual violence, consent, body image, gender, sexuality and relationship rights, positive relationships, gender equality and equity.

The group explored creative methods to support and create safe environments where children and young people are listened to. By using a wide range of expressions, spaces can be created to feel, think and question.

You can download this valuable resource for free at www.agendaonline.co.uk


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