Leicester District
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Kuldip Hoonjan, Leicester NEU learning rep, 22nd May 2019

Conference 2019: Pre-Conference Church Service

Kamaljit Buhi and I attended the Pre-Conference Church Service. The service was open to everyone whether or not members of NEU. This included people of all faiths, or of none.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was the venue for the very first NEU Pre-conference Church Service on Palm Sunday 14th April. Representatives of NEU played a part in leading the service, which lasted about one hour.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring this intriguing building before attending the service. John Betjeman called it one of the great buildings of the world. The cathedral is also home to a collection of artworks, including a piece over the West Doors called 'For You' by Tracey Emin, a pink neon sign that says I felt you and I knew you loved me.


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