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Disability Discrimination Act - Three Key Duties

5th December 2005

The SEN and Disability Act of 2001 extended the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to cover education.

Since 2002 the governing body has had three key duties towards disabled pupils: not to treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason related to their disability; to make reasonable adjustments; and to plan to increase access to education for disabled pupils. Schools are required to make their plans available.

The school's first plan runs from April 2003 - April 2006 and schools should be thinking about reviewing these plans. The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 declares that all public bodies have a duty to promote disability equality (similar to the duty to promote race equality.)

Schools should be looking to review their Accessibility Plans - they could include the disability equality duty within this. Is your school doing all it should to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act? Good advice can be obtained at: www.teachernet.gov.uk (under Accessibility Planning Project.)

Jane Rolfe


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