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Equalities Matters

14th June 2010

The NUT both locally and nationally take equality issues very seriously and Leicester NUT intends to make this the focus of our first association meeting of the Autumn term, on 29th September. Our local Equal Opportunities Officer is Alicia McElhill. Alicia will be coordinating the arrangements for delegates from Leicester who may wish the attend any of the three national NUT equalities conferences that take place during the year. If you are interested in going to the Black Teachers’, LGBT or Disabled Teachers’ conference please contact Alicia to find out what is involved. Alicia will also be happy to advise on any other matters of equal opportunities.

The Black Teachers’ Conference 2010

From 12 Nov 2010 - 14 Nov 2010 at Stoke Rochford Hall
The Black Teachers' Conference is an annual event that allows the NUT's black members to discuss and address issues of race equality, education and the workplace. Delegates have the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers, attend workshops on a range of topics, network with other black members of the NUT, and debate and send a motion to the NUT's Annual Conference.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Teachers' Conference 2010

The Union organises a conference each year for members of the Union who define themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The conference allows LGBT teachers to meet, discuss workplace issues and play a part in Union campaigns on LGBT equality as well as a range of other campaigns.

The 2010 conference theme is "Shaping a culture of LGBT equality in schools" and will take place on:
Saturday 6th November
NUT Headquarters, Hamilton House, London

This year speakers include Marc Lewis, LGBT Caucus Convenor at Massachusetts Teachers’ Association from Boston USA, Bev Ayre from Homotopia, and a Merseyside LGBT Arts and Social Justice Organisation will also be addressing this year's conference. Workshops include primary and secondary curriculum, Trans equality and campaigning.

Disabled teachers conference 2011

Each year the Union holds a conference for members of the Union who define themselves as disabled. This event enables teachers to share experiences, learn from each other and debate Union policy about campaigns to achieve disability equality in the profession.

This event is open to all teachers who define themselves as disabled and this can cover teachers with cancer, HIV, MS, ME, Parkinsons disease, epilepsy, mobility impairments, visual impairments or hearing impairments, work-related stress, anxiety, depression, as well as any other mental or physical impairment which teachers experience.

The Union believes that teachers are disabled by the physical and attitudinal barriers around them in society and not by the medical condition. Individual teachers are the expert on their own impairment. Disabled teachers believe 'nothing about us without us.’

Reasonable adjustments should be made to the working conditions of teachers so that they can stay in the profession - much as adjustments to teaching and learning are made for children and young people with learning disabilities or special educational needs. The Union supports teachers each year all over England and Wales to stay in their jobs, where this is what they want.

The conference takes place in June so, unfortunately, it is too late to apply for this year but you may like to consider it for 2011.


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