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Everybody's Reading 2010

14th June 2010

'Everybody's Reading' is part of 'Whatever It Takes,' the pioneering scheme to get every primary school child in Leicester reading. It is organised in partnership with the Schools Development Support Agency, Literature Network and Leicester Libraries.

'Everybody's Reading' will take place over nine days, between the 2nd and 10th October 2010.

What will be happening during 'Everybody's Reading'

Nine days of events held all over the city, from schools, libraries and community centres, to theatres, shops and restaurants.

A special 'Everybody's Reading' newspaper, including event listings and other features to get people reading.
Lots of other reading related activities to get 'Everybody Reading' in Leicester!

What kind of events will help get everybody reading?

Events will be happening in schools, libraries and community centres, but can take place anywhere, from shops and restaurants to theatres, galleries, religious centres, workplaces and in your own home! Reading does not mean just books. It can include magazines and newspapers, songs and lyrics, theatre and performing arts - anything that gets people using and enjoying language. Events can be any size, from a handful of people meeting to talk about their favourite books, to a crowded football stadium all reading at the same time. If you love reading then we want to hear your ideas for getting everybody reading. And if you want help thinking of ideas or need some help with your event, just get in touch.

Can I get help organising an event?

Small grants of ?£100 - ?£200 will be available to help support events put on by voluntary and community groups. Come along to one of our public meetings and meet other people who are organizing events. The next meeting is on 16th June at 4pm in the SDSA Office in Alliance House on Bishop Street.

You can find out more about the festival as it develops

...by visiting everybodysreading.wordpress.com.

...or by signing up at the 'Everybody's Reading' Facebook page

...or by contacting one of the organisers, Damien Walter (damien[]charnwood-arts.org.uk) or Ellie Lee (ellen.lee[]sdsa.net).


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