Leicester District
National Education Union

3rd September 2018

House business

The National Education Union is formed from The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL). Until January 2019, local branches of the NUT and ATL will continue to operate as before and so existing NUT members will continue to be supported by local NUT officers.

New members, who will include all education workers, will join the NEU, but will also be supported by local NUT or ATL officers.

If you need support, in the first instance contact the NUT adviceline on 0203 006 6266.

Currently the local NUT Office (255 5311) is staffed as follows:

Monday: Jenny Day (Assistant Secretary) and Ian Leaver (Membership Secretary)
Tuesday: Jenny Day and Ian Leaver
Wednesday: Joseph Wyglendacz (Secretary), Jenny Day and Ian Leaver
Thursday: Joseph Wyglendacz and Jessica Edmonds (Assistant Secretary)
Friday: Joseph Wyglendacz, Jessica Edmonds and Andy Haynes (Health & Safety)

We encourage you to have school NEU meetings jointly with NUT and ATL members until January 2019, when those separate unions will officially cease to exist.