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Leicester and Leicestershire Supply Teachers' Network

Simon Robinson, Leicester NUT Supply Teacher Officer simon[at]leicesternut.org.uk
5th October 2016

The network was set up to organise, support and advise supply teachers in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have gone from strength to strength since last term, with the aim of improving pay and conditions for supply members.

On 1st September, myself and Helena Tendall (Supply Officer for Leicestershire NUT) met with Sarah Russell, Assistant City Mayor - Children, Young People & Schools, and Ian Bailey, Interim Director of Learning. We discussed ways to remove the need for schools to rely on Supply Agencies. Agencies are costing schools a huge amount of money, as well as keeping pay and job security down for supply teachers themselves. We introduced the idea of using a platform (or app) to connect schools with teachers directly, without the need to agencies. We are looking to work with Teacherin. Not only would this remove agencies from the scene, but it would also ensure that supply teachers would be more likely to be paid to scale and that we could access the TPS again. Also, schools would make huge savings. The concept was met with enthusiasm at the meeting and it was recommended that the idea be referred to LESP for discussion. We will continue to work with forums within Leicester schools to raise and promote the idea of removing agencies from the scene!

We would recommend that supply teachers sign up to Teacherin, to see how it works and to reach a 'critical mass' of local teachers registered. We would also like teachers to talk to the schools they are working in and to explain the benefits of using that platform, compared to using the agencies.

If you have any questions about the Teacherin platform, then please get in touch.

On 4th September, the NUT Supply Teachers' Meeting Pimms and Picnic in the Park took place in Victoria Park! A useful report back and informal discussion took place between those present, as well as some great food and drink enjoyed. Thanks to Helena Tendall for organising this.

Future events

NUT Supply Teachers' Network and Midlands Network, Saturday October 1st

St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S24QZ (not far from the train station also free car parking.)

There will be a free buffet and tea and coffee from 12.30pm. We will need to start the meeting at 1pm for a 4pm finish at the latest.

Our new Midlands Region coordinator is Anna Christina Connelly, who can be contacted via the FB page (NUT Midlands Region Supply Teacher Network.)

Don't forget, we rely on all NUT members to promote the network, so please speak to supply teachers you meet in school and direct them to us and the FB page (Leicester and Leicestershire Supply Teacher Network.)


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