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12th June 2018

Leicester Schools UnitEd : A Linking Network Project

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Leicester Schools UnitEd are looking for schools that would like to take part in a pilot school linking project where a class from your school is linked with one from a demographically different school in another part of Leicester.

The aim of this project is to
Develop a shared sense of identity.
Improve community cohesion
Challenge stereotypes and prejudice
Build friendships across Leicester

The structure of the project follows guidance of The Linking Network, a national organization operating for 16 years:
Heads express an interest in joining
A local facilitator brokers a link with another school based on priorities of both Heads
Head signs an agreement to release a teacher for 2 training sessions, pay for transport to enable a neutral venue visit and a visit to the other school to occur and to host a visit in their own school and very importantly enable curriculum time for the classes to exchange work.
Teachers attend a training day in September.
Classes exchange photos, names and identity work linked to the PSHCE, Art etc
The two classes meet for the first time, preferably at our neutral venue, The St Philip's Centre in Evington, and take part in activities linked to wide ranging aspects of curriculum such as RE, Drama, Outdoor Sports, Speaking & Listening, Geography. The facilitators at the venue understand the programme and facilitate collaborative activities that support pupils to enjoy working alongside one another.
Further work is exchanged between the classes including "curiosity questions" which deepen the contact. E-linking opportunities develop the IT curriculum and increase the children's sense of understanding and connection with the partner class.
Teachers meet for a half day training in February to plan Spring or Summer Term visits to the each other's schools.
Further work exchanges and class visits take place.
A celebration event is planned and a final exchange and goodbye.

If you would like to take part please contact Ruth Sinhal via
Facebook : Leicester Schools UnitEd
Twitter : [at]ruthsinhal
Email : ruthsinhal[at]yahoo.co.uk
St Philip's Centre

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