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6th October 2008

Management of Sickness Absence

We have had, for some time, a management of sickness absence policy. It was negotiated between the LA and the teacher unions but it was never agreed by the teacher unions because of our concerns over some aspects of it. We particularly have concerns over the 'trigger points' that can be used by management to call for a sickness consultation meeting.

Pressure is being put on the LA's Human Resources Department to encourage schools to more rigorously enforce the policy, despite the fact that teachers have one of the lowest rates of absenteeism amongst city council employees.

If you reach one of the trigger points and are asked to attend a sickness consultation meeting, make sure that you have a look at the LEA policy.

Make sure that you take somebody with you to a sickness consultation meeting. This could be your school NUT Rep. We would urge you not to complete any forms that ask for reasons for absence. However, if you are ill, it is important that you follow the agreed school policy for notifying about absence. You need to 'self certificate' from day four, and provide sick-notes from your doctor from the eighth day of absence.


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