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23rd September 2018

National Education Union Workplace Representatives

As you know, this is the last school term that the National Union of Teachers will exist in its own right. From January 2019, rather than an NUT and an ATL rep, school will need an NEU rep.

So, now is the time to meet to elect a work place representative for your school. If you are an existing NUT Rep, call NUT and ATL members together for a meeting to elect a rep to serve from January. If your school doesn't currently have a rep, a local officer can come in and talk to members during a lunchtime or after school one day.

The role can be as simple as distributing NEU post, including this newsletter, but the union provides excellent training should you wish to get more involved. Come along to the next general meeting at 7.30pm on 19th September (41 King Street) to talk to a local officer about what it might entail, or give us a ring (255 5311) for a chat about it. There is more information on the NEU website.