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NEU Disabled Members' Conference, 27-29 September 2019

Camille London-Miyo, President, City of Leicester NEU
9th October 2019

"Building an Inclusive Future"

This conference had a very packed programme of events and workshops. The warm-up session was one where each delegate had to think of one disabled person who had inspired them personally and one famous disabled person.

There were opening remarks from Colleen Johnson, the Executive seat holders for Disabled members, and Louise Regan, the National Officer, Membership and Equality.

Richard Rieser spoke about the importance of UK Disability History Month which takes place from 18 November to 20th December 2019. The theme is Leadership, Resistance and Culture.

The website has a range of articles, videos and pictures about different struggles for disability rights.

We had a choice of four different workshops:
Invisible impairments
Invisible impairments - Mental Health
UK Disability History Month
Reasonable adjustments

Every workshop was an opportunity to learn, share and to be supported by other disabled members. We were given handouts, resources and lots of information about surviving and excelling in the Education sector.

The Keynote speaker was Samantha Renke, actress, disability rights campaigner and former teacher; delegates were truly inspired by her words.

The NEU Disabled Members' Conference needs to be on your to do list if you are a disabled member. It is a truly supportive and informative space for disabled members to regenerate and strengthen themselves to deal with the 'invisible barriers' to employment - and staying in the education sector.

Who are disabled people? Equality Act Definition

A person is disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long term negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities. 'Substantial' means more than a minor or trivial impact on your ability to do normal day to day activities.

NEU encourages members to self-identify. Contact our Equalities Officer, Linda Bradshaw, if you would like any further details.

I really enjoyed representing the City of Leicester at this conference. Perhaps next year we could send more members to reflect the diversity in our multi-cultural City.


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