Leicester District
National Education Union

Joseph Wyglendacz, 11th April 2018

NEU Local Structures

As we see the NUT come to an end, what do the new local structures of the National Education Union (NEU) look like?

Essentially, anyone employed by a specific organisation (be it an LA or academy, etc.) will be members of both a District and a Branch. Some current exceptions could be: self-employed supply teachers, retired members, associate members and some student members (who would be members of a District only).


The district, based on the current Local Authority (LA) remit, consists of members working or living within its jurisdiction, irrespective of their employer or bargaining unit, including Associate, Supply, Retired and Student members. The geographical basis of the 'City of Leicester' district will be based on the current LA spanning the three Parliamentary Constituencies and schools therein.

Associate and Retired members will normally be allocated to the Local District in which they live, but may opt to remain a member of the last Local District of which they were a member prior to becoming an Associate or Retired member.

Work-based Student members will normally be allocated to the Local District where their host education establishment is based, or otherwise to the Local District where their training institution is based. The model rules for local districts say that the officers and committee must be at least 75% in-service members. This means that retired members stand and be elected for any officer or committee role, at district level, as long as no more than 25% of the officers and committee are retired or associate members.


Each directly employed member will also be in a branch (which sits within the District). These are the employers (i.e. if you are employed by the Council you will be in the 'Leicester City Council Branch', or if you're employed by Rushey Mead Educational Trust you'd be in the 'RMET Branch' etc.). Initially, there will be branches for each education authority and a small number of stand-alone FE colleges which were branches previously within ATL. Going forward, there may in time be branches covering other employers such as chains of educationestablishments (academies) or Sixth Form Colleges. Retired members will not be eligible to be members of the NEU branches.

It might very well be the case that you will be in a Branch that spans more than one District (i.e. an Academy chain spanning more that one Local Authority such as LEAD, GDFT or ARK etc.).

Below is an up-to-date table of the working functions of the Branch & District:

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