Leicester District
National Education Union

9th October 2018

Peter Flack receives NUT Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Flack, who retired as an NUT Officer and Committee member this summer, has been a member of City of Leicester Teachers' Association (NUT) for longer than any of us care to remember. He has been Association Secretary, President twice, editor of City Teacher (our local newsletter), and an Assistant Secretary for many years now. He has been to annual conference countless times, usually speaks (generally when there is something controversial or challenging) and has been at the forefront of Leicester NUT policy development and promotion since the 1980s. He has sat on all manner of bodies with Leicester Local Authority, including Leicester Education Strategic Partnership, Chairing Schools Forum, Education Scrutiny Committee and chairing Schools and Settings Consultative Committee, for many years.

Perhaps most recently, and certainly in the last 28 years that I have known Pete, his greatest achievements have been his promotion of reading through support for the city's libraries, pop up libraries and of course the annual Everybody's Reading Festival. He has ensured that not only has the festival flourished but that the NUT has been at its forefront. The other huge achievement that we should all be grateful for is his 'Support our Schools' campaign that developed from opposition to academisation and resulted in Leicester being almost unique across the country in keeping academisation largely at bay. Pete makes things happen by being prepared to work with any allies and by power of argument, backed up by political campaigning where necessary.

Leicester NUT's loss will be UNITE the Community's gain, as we all know that his political campaigning won't end with retirement as an NUT officer. Thank you Pete, on behalf of Leicester NUT, for decades of commitment.