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Rushey Mead Secondary School - an appalling betrayal

17th February 2014

Despite some governors requesting that any decision to convert should be unanimous, governors at Rushey Mead School have voted in a majority decision to convert to become an academy. This is an appalling betrayal to the staff at the school and the people of Leicester.

The school's own consultation, which was shamefully carried out after they had already taken the preliminary decision to convert last July, showed no enthusiasm for conversion. As an NUT member pointed out, when the change to an academy doesn't benefit the current pupils, won't benefit future pupils, is not sought by the parents, the local community or wider community, and is opposed by a large number of staff, the trade unions and the city council, one is left wondering who this move will benefit.

No doubt, now that they have got their way, the DfE and Executive Headteacher will use the same tactics that they used to bludgeon this through, and put pressure on governing bodies of any school that falls under the gaze of the DfE to join them. This is, of course, almost as soon as the new school building was completed following the efforts of Leicester Local Authority to secure the BSF funding for the city's schools.

What a cynical manipulation! Shame on all who are complicit in this.


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