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Sixth form colleges are under threat

12th February 2016

As you will be aware, NUT members in sixth form colleges were consulted on their willingness to take action over the national campaign in defence of sixth form colleges and members' working conditions. The indicative ballot asked three questions:

1. Will you actively support the NUT's campaign to secure fair funding for sixth form colleges?
98.5% of voting members voted yes to this question.
2. Are you prepared to support strike action as part of this campaign?
85.5% voted yes to this question.
3. Will you attend the proposed national demonstration in central London to coincide with the one day strike?
40.7% voted yes to this question, although, as you might imagine, the result was higher the closer to London.

This overwhelming support for the campaign and for action means that members are currently being formally balloted for strike action and a national demonstration on March 15th. Anticipating a massive yes vote, Leicester NUT has arranged for transport to pick up members and supporters from all three of the Leicester sixth form colleges to travel down to London in March.

The ballot closes on 29th February. If you work in Gateway, Regent or Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1 College, please vote and vote yes! We need as big a turnout in the ballot as possible to show the strength of feeling of NUT members in the sector. Then let's make sure that the demonstration in London is a massive show of strength.

The coach to London on 15th March will pick up from Gateway Sixth Form College and then Victoria Park. Times to follow.


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