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Stress awareness - NUT and Leicester City Council working together.

5th December 2011

Statistics show that teachers suffer more from stress than any other profession. In Leicester, over the past five years, absence through work related stress has trebled. It is by far the most common cause of long term absence.

The Health and Safety Executive recognises stress as a significant problem. It has issued Stress Management Standards for employers, intended to get employers to take the issue seriously. However, it does not have sufficient staff to enforce these.

With this in mind, NUT has joined with the City Council Health and Safety and Human Resources teams to organise two FREE half day conferences on Stress Awareness to be held in February. The Conferences - offering sixty places each day - will be open to Headteachers, Governors, Health and Safety Officers and H&S Reps in schools. The intention is to provide an ABC of how to approach 'Tackling Workplace Stress'.

Introduced by former NUT President John Illingworth, who had to retire due to stress related illness, the Conferences will cover carrying out a Stress Survey, analysing the results and developing a Stress Risk Assessment to eliminate causes of stress in schools. They will also focus on the impact of stress on teachers where it is not dealt with and the need to be proactive in identifying individuals beginning to suffer from stress.

THE PEEPUL CENTRE, Orchardson Street, Leicester, LE4 6DP.

Wednesday 8th February and Thursday 9th February. Choose which day is more convenient for you.

8.30 am - 12.30pm. Coffee on arrival. Free Parking.

If you are interested, contact Andy Haynes or Peter Flack via the NUT Office.


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