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20th June 2009

The NUT is aware both nationally and locally that it needs to improve the position of supply teachers. Indeed, at the 2007 NUT National conference a resolution called on the executive to raise the profile, status and morale of supply teacher members, with particular reference to the use of agencies, entitlement to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and to School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) rates of pay.

Locally we are still pushing the LA to set up its own supply pool, particularly in the light of recent legislation to ensure that classroom teachers “rarely cover” from next September, and we remain concerned about the employment of cover supervisors who do not have qualified teacher status.

Nonetheless, we are confident that, from September, there should be more work available for supply teachers across he city and so it should be an ideal time for supply teacher members to ensure that they are paid according to the STPCD.

It would be useful for us to collate tales of good and bad practice by agencies and schools, so please let us know which agencies in the city “pay to scale” and if any make contributions to the Teachers’ Pension scheme.

The NUT is putting on a course that may be of interest to you. Details of how to apply are on the NUT’s national website.

Part-timers, Supply Teachers and Returners course

Monday 28th September to Wednesday 30th September 2009.

Part-timers, supply teachers and returners fulfil an increasingly important role in the education service. This course has proved to be very valuable as a springboard into new career opportunities and involvement in the NUT.

The course aims to:
provide you with information and advice on the NUT's support for part-time teachers, supply teachers and returners;
help you decide on your priorities and recognise your professional skills;
help you to think about how you want to develop, professionally, personally and in terms of involvement with your Union.

Who should attend? Part-time teachers, supply teachers, returners or those contemplating a return to teaching.


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