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Supply Teachers Officer Report to AGM, March 2017

Simon Robinson, Leicester NUT Supply Teacher Officer, Helena Tendall, Leicestershire NUT Supply Teacher Officer
7th March 2017

This has been the first year of the NUT Supply Teacher Officer position after campaigning by the NUT Supply Teacher Network. Our aim is to campaign for a better deal for supply teachers in Leicester and Leicestershire and represent their voices within the NUT itself. We also aim to work with supply staff, both qualified and unqualified in order to unify a common struggle.

First NUT Supply Teacher Officers' Training Event at Stoke Rochford, April 22-24th 2016

Training on role of Supply Teacher Officer, campaigning skills and advice briefing on specific supply teacher workplace and contractual issues, especially the agencies!

Supply Teachers' Social at The Case Restaurant in Leicester, Friday 29th April 2016

Great attendance for the first meeting of supply teachers organised by Leicester and Leicestershire Supply Teachers' Network - lots of advice given out and contacts made. The survey completed showed up many common issues that supply teachers face in the city and county.

National NUT Day of Action 'Lobby the Agencies!', June 1st 2016

Seven lobbies of supply teaching agencies took place across the country on June 1st. In Leicester, several members joined Leicester and Leicestershire NUT Supply Teachers to lobby five supply agencies during the half term break. The agencies were very reluctant to speak to the NUT, but Simon and Helena were interviewed by BBC Radio Leicester - highlighting the problems facing supply teachers.

National NUT Supply Teachers Conference, June 25th 2016

5 delegates from Leicester and Leicestershire Supply Teachers Network attended.

NUT UCU National Strike Day, July 5th 2016

Supply teachers show solidarity with striking NUT and UCU teachers! Helena Tendall, NUT Leicestershire Supply Teacher Officer, spoke at the strike rally and explained the campaign for fair pay and conditions for supply teachers and bringing solidarity to those NUT members on strike!

Meeting with Sarah Russell and Ian Bailey, 1st September 2016

Helena Tendall, Ian Leaver and Simon Robinson went to meet Sarah Russell (Assistant City Mayor for Children and Young People) and Ian Bailey (Interim Director, Learning Services). Both Cllr Russell and Ian Bailey were very positive about the TeacherIn App and suggested that we take it to LESP. Ian Bailey subsequently contacted Liz Warren and Jackie Gair, who lead on the teacher recruitment strand of the LESP programme and said they would be interested to hear from us. Subsequently, the Teacherin app has been raised with a positive reception at the LESP meetings by Peter Flack.

'Pimms and a Picnic in the Park' meeting, September 4th 2016

Sharing information with supply teachers on the current issues and campaigns. It was a very useful and positive meeting with lots of ideas and input from attendees. We discussed the data collected from questionnaires at the last Social, The Supply Teacher Agency Lobby, the Supply Teachers' conference in London on 25th June, our meeting with Leicester City Council, the Strike Rally and progress from Regional and National Supply Teacher Network.

National launch of NUT Supply Teacher Charter along with School Support Pack, October 2016

We would like these to be in every school and discussed with school management

NUT Supply Teachers' Network meeting, December 3rd 2016

Very useful, lively meeting - discussions ranged from NUT Charter for Supply Teachers, agencies, campaigns and training for supply teacher officers.

Second Annual Supply Teacher Officer Briefing at Stoke Rochford Hall, January 2017

Attended by Helena Tendall and Simon Robinson.

Looking at alternatives, 9th February 2017

Email sent to Paul Meredith Interim Director, Children & Young People's Service Leicestershire County Council requesting a meeting to discuss looking at alternatives to agencies (c.c'd to Councillor Ould). No response as yet.

Future campaigns

Continue to investigate and work with alternatives to agencies, including app such as TeacherIn and the possibility of 'supply pools' within MATs.
Working with the National Supply Teacher Network to raise awareness with schools and parents about the cost of agencies to our education system.
Campaigning to raise the profile and representation of Supply teachers within the NUT.
Regular drop-in advice and support cafe for supply teachers.


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