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The NUT's three equality conferences

9th May 2016

The NUT holds three equality conferences every year:

Disabled Teachers Conference 16 July 2016, Manchester

LGBT + Conference 16 July 2016, Manchester

Black Teachers Conference 11 - 13 November 2016, Stoke Rochford Hall

The conferences are annual events that allow the Union's members of these groups to discuss and address issues of equality, education, and the workplace. Each conference is empowered to submit one motion, selected by majority vote, to Annual Conference. Associations, divisions, individual NUT members attending as delegates, and the Executive can submit motions to the conferences.

If you identify as being part of any of these groups, have registered as such on your membership and are an in-service member of the City of Leicester NUT we will wish to support your attendance at these conferences subject to meeting the local application process.
You can self fund a place at any of these conferences.

What to do if you decide you want to go to an Equalities Conference and wish to be funded from the association

Check the dates for deadlines of applications to the association. They are earlier than national deadlines for applications to allow us to process the application.

Contact the Leicester NUT Equal Opportunities Officer: Camille London-Miyo, camille[at]leicesternut.org.uk

Camille will meet with you and discuss the associations' expectations of you. A minimum expectation is a report to an association meeting. Complete an application form and send it to the Equalities Officer by the agreed local deadline:

Disabled Teachers' Conference local deadline: 24th June
LGBT + Conference local deadline: 24th June
Black Teachers' Conference local deadline: 30th September (this may seem very early, but the Black Teachers' Conference is very popular and gets fully booked up quite quickly)

Funding by the association for your place at a conference will be agreed and communicated to you as soon as possible.

The applicant's personal deposit of £20 will be returned to the delegate at the conference but is not returned if the delegate fails to attend;
Fees cannot be reimbursed if individuals cancel their places, although if enough notice is given the organisers will be happy to admit substitutes.

If the association has funded your attendance and a replacement is not found the fee will be lost and the financial loss will be to the association i.e. members money.

The Union does not reimburse travelling expenses centrally but the Leicester NUT will reimburse travel expenses.


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