Leicester District
National Education Union

Camille London Miyo, Leicester NEU President, 22nd May 2019

The TUC Black Workers Conference

The TUC Black Workers Conference took place from 12 - 14th April.

Black workers from all trade unions across the United Kingdom gathered at the TUC, Congress House in London. Our Union sent 10 delegates. This conference is an opportunity for Black workers to build and develop networks with other trade unionists. It provides a supportive forum to learn about issues at work that specifically affect Black Workers, and also provides strategies and information on achieving equality in the workplace.

I was asked to be one of the key note speakers at a fringe meeting about the NEU delegation to Cuba in October 2018. Black Workers from many other unions attended the meeting and were very interested in some of the lessons learned that can benefit the UK education experience. Our delegates contributed to a few debates and our contributions were well received from TUC member unions.

There were many highpoints over the weekend, but most notably a presentation from Sandra Kerr, the Director of Business in the Community, who talked about the Race at Work Charter that was published in 2018. She asked Black workers to check whether their unions had signed up to the charter, and she also talked about some of the findings of the Race at Work report. We also heard about a campaign called the TruthaboutZane, a tragic incident where a child's life was cut short as a result of the existence of a secret landfill site. The talk highlighted the importance of communities being informed where new builds spring up in previously desolate areas. If you want to know more, I would encourage you to log on to www.TruthAboutZane.com.

I appreciated the opportunity to represent the union at the 2019 TUC Black Workers Conference.


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