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Jessica Edmonds, Assistant Secretary, 21st April 2019

Training for school reps

Are you a school rep? Have you had any training to help you in this role? Or are you thinking about becoming a rep but feel a bit nervous? Take the plunge, call members together and elect a rep (or two - you can share the role) and then book on some training!

The NEU puts on a range of courses to support reps in their role in schools, and you can have paid time off to attend. When I first became active as a school rep, the Foundation Course I attended at Midlands Region was brilliant. It helped me understand how the union worked, what my role was and could be, gave me ideas for how to do things as a rep, and gave me an invaluable opportunity to meet other reps. All too often we live in our school 'bubble' and don't realise that working conditions vary widely. What happens in your setting might not be normal practice in other schools!

After a couple of years I went on the Advanced Course for reps, where I consolidated my learning from the Foundation Course, learnt much more about my role and how to do it well, and again met other reps. Not only do you have more knowledge, but it's likely that members in your school are more knowledgeable about their rights and more active in the union. Our most recent indicative ballot clearly shows that having a school rep made a massive difference to voting turnout:

Barchart comparing turnout figures

Since taking on a local officer role I've attended lots more training on employment law, casework, etc. Every single course has been fantastic and I've come away with fresh knowledge, fresh ideas, and a full tummy (yes, the catering is great!).

So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself on to:

Reps Foundation Course at East Midlands Region, Nottingham
4th June/19th June/4th July or 23rd to 25th September.
Reps Advanced Course at East Midlands Region, Nottingham
Starting 20th to 22nd May or 2nd to 4th October

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Don't forget that if you're a Health & Safety rep there is also dedicated training for your role. Look on the NEU website for details.