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Uplands Junior School

7th October 2013

After months of intolerable behaviour by the governors and headteacher at Uplands Junior School, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Three days of strike action by NUT members of the NUT before the summer holidays resulted in the Local Authority issuing a warning notice to the governing body. They failed to comply with the notice, allowing the LA to take control of staffing and finance matters at the school. The two NUT and two GMB members, suspended by the governors, have been reinstated; new governors have been added (until an interim executive board can be put in place), and the headteacher has been suspended. The school, under new interim leadership, can begin to return to normality. The NUT discovered that the governors had spent £48,400 of the school's budget on legal fees challenging the Local Authority, money that should be spent on the children's education. Huge credit is due to all the staff at the school for being prepared to fight on, under enormous pressure and bullying, to expose the behaviour of the headteacher and governing body.


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